Eikamp Arts
Who We Are.......
Eikamp Arts is a full-service Art and Design firm speciallizing in the world of custom........................... custom artwork, murals, interiors, casework, signage, finishes, funiture & lighting 
What We Do
(More Project Work Coming Soon)
  1. Graphic Displays
    Graphic Displays
    Custom graphics and display cases
  2. Commercial Interiors
    Commercial Interiors
    New construction, adaptive reuse, lighting design, space planning, full interior design services
  3. Kids Room Design
    Kids Room Design
    Painted muralwork, lighting, custom theming and funiture
  4. Commissioned Paintings
    Commissioned Paintings
    Oil, acrylic, watercolor or mixed media
  5. Residential Design
    Residential Design
    Remodel, expansion, interior and exterior, finishes, casework and lighting
  6. Mixed Media Art
    Mixed Media Art
    Design, construction, engineering and installation